Craig Taylor Law
Office, PLLC
This firm provides intellectual property legal
services at a reasonable rate, lower than most
expect.  These services include:
  • Initial counseling on whether you can or
    should file a patent application.  You may
    be better off saving the money or
    investing in another part of your
    business.  Or, you may be foolish not to
    obtain patent protection.
  • Draft, file, and prosecute patent
    applications through the U.S. Patent and
    Trademark Office.
  • Draft infringement, clearance, right-to-
    use, and patentability opinions.
  • Draft patent board appeal briefs to
    overcome difficult rejections.  
  • Prepare non-disclosure agreements.
  • Conducte due diligence for possible
    mergers and acquisitions.
  • Evaluate patents and patent portfolios
    for possible licensing, purchase, or sale.
  • Approach potential buyers of patents on
    your behalf.
  • Request patent searches from known
    professional patent searchers.
  • Draft reexamination requests on your
    own patents to strengthen them.
  • Draft reexamination requests on
    competitor patents to weaken them. This
    can be done anonymously on your
  • Draft patent licenses or review existing
  • Trademark counseling, application
    preparation and filing.
  • Copyright counseling and advice.
Still more
Free initial counseling and some fixed fee services are available.  Fixed
fee services for patent preparation, quoted for invention disclosures sight
unseen are often not the best idea. Simple inventions may be
overcharged, and more often, complex inventions are not given enough
thought or protection.  This does not mean you have to hand your patent
attorney a blank check.  After examining the invention disclosure, a fixed
fee, or a not to exceed fee, can be often be quoted that is satisfactory to
both attorney and client.  If the quoted fee is higher than a patent would
be worth to the inventor, this news comes at the start, when no bill is due,
rather than at the end, when it is. If you can't talk to your patent attorney
about fees, get another patent attorney.

Hourly patent services are provided at $190 per hour. Lower total costs
can be had by doing some of the work yourself.  Review of your own work
and suggestions for future direction may also be provided.
and Personal